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Ride Captain Tips
So you are the designated Ride Captain;
Do you know your responsibilities?


1.) Make sure your whole group understands the hand signals you will be using and what they mean.

2.) carry a first aid kit, bottle of water, and small camera (for insurance purposes).

3.) Find out who has the shortest fuel range and plan stops accordingly.

4.) If you don't know your group, don't go over posted speed limits. Some may be very uncomfortable
at higher speeds. I usually ask strangers what their experience level and their comfort level with curves,
speed, group riding etc.

5.) Set up some rules and follow them. Tell the group if you are riding a staggered formation or single file
if you are on narrow roads. We usally tell folks no passing or moving up in the pack. It can be dangerous.

6.) Set up a rear rider and have him keep an eye on the inexperienced riders. At each stop you should check in
with him to see how they are doing and adjust your ride accordingly. A lot of times people will tell you they ride
above their actual competency level and can be a dangerto the other riders in the group.

7.) Discuss a plan with your rear guard how you willhandle situations where the group gets split up and
how you will hook back up.

8.) When you have the option, choose traffic lights rather than stop sign intersections. Keeps the group
moving better.

9.) When pulling off from a turn, go easy on the thottle until the whole group has a chance to make the turn.

10.) If you miss a turn, blame it on the GPS (whether you have one or not)

11.) If you have the option, try to plan fuel stops around larger, multi pump stations.

12.) If a meal is in the ride plan, buffet resturaunts move a lot of people in and out much faster with less confusion.

When we do smaller group rides (not big charity runs, but up to a dozen bikes or so) those that have switchable
lightbars turn them off, leaving only the lead and tail bikes with theirs on. That way the lead biker can spot
the tail rider without having to count. (Tail rider should ride the same formation line as the lead for easy spotting).
If anyone in the groups needs to make an unplanned stop, they turn their lightbar on.

If it rains, blame it on the weather man!!

It sounds like a lot, but it really isn't and once you have ridden with the same rear guards, most of it just kind of
works itself out. Have fun.


These tips courtesy of Moccasin Mike & Teke
From the Intruder Alert Cafe


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