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Various V85 TT Links saved before I purchased My
2020 V85 TT Travel & after scouring the

BIG V85 TT Thread
on Adventure Rider
NOTE: Some Links may change, but the information should help with a
Google Search

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Common Bolt Sizes/Replacement Parts/Toolkit

Sprint Air Filter PM05S
K&N Air Filter  AL-4506
Starter Relay  # AP8224462
UFI Oil Filter   25.531.00
Stainless Valve Cover Bolts
OEM Fuel Filter
Aftermarket Fuel Filter
Brake Bleeder Bolt (AF1)
Highway Pegs 1 & Pegs 2
Rear wheel 26mm  (thinwall) 10mm Hex (right side)
Less Expensive wheel sockets by Proto
Front wheel 30mm  (thinwall) 5 mm Hex (4 pinch bolts)
Gear Box Oil Drain 17mm socket
Folding Shifter/Brake "Tips"
Gear Box Fill Plug 10mm Hex
Oil Pan "bolts"  5mm Hex Torque 10 nm/7.4 ft lbs/92 inch lbs
Final Drive Oil Drain 17mm wrench/socket
V85TT   Oil Filler Cap Tool  by Bisbonian  Picture
Final Drive Fill Plug 6 mm Hex
Valve Adjustment Tool   by ScottTheFalcon  Picture
3D Widget   to aid with installation of different Heated Grips
Oil Filler Cap Wrench (3D)
Wiring Harness for Aux Lights (scroll down page)
Battery Tender
Oil Cooler
This is MY Toolkit adjust for YOUR needs
Exhaust Skid Plates  4 mm Hex         Replace with 6 mm x 12 mm Hex Bolts 10mm socket
Guzzi Diagnostics
Program Download
Bluetooth Adapter
OBD Code Reader
Parts & Accessories Suppliers
Online Parts Lookup
MG Cycle
Cadre Cycle
Carpi Moto Italy
GT Motocycles
Powerbronze (UK)
Adv Touring Products   eGlides
Hepco & Becker
Kappa Accessories
GIVI Accessories
Key Blanks Ilco X270 TMC1  &  Ilco B59 X162 (Chevy)
Ventura Passenger Backrest
Cool Covers   aka Seat Covers
Barkbusters Hand Guards
Perfect Squeeze Cell Holder
Oxford Heated Grips (product page)
Koso Apollo Heated Grips (Review)
Rox Risers   15mm for 1 -1/8" bars
Bar Risers  15mm for 1 -1/8" bars
GIVi   Handguard Extensions
Isotta   Handguard Extensions
Molex   Connectors & Pins
Molex Connectors  Amazon
Kobra Handguards
Aprilia Caponord Hand Guards   B044836    (left)   B044835     (right)
Shock Factory  (France)       FaceBook Group  (lower shock available)
Matris (front fork cartridge/monoshock)
Wilbers Shocks (Front & Rear/Lowered)
Hyperpro (Front & Rear/Lowered)
Shock Sox
Front Fender Pyramid Plastics

Rear Hugger Pyramid Plastics

2016 USA Aprilia Caponord Rally p/n 2B0024475x
Mark Antsey  Colour Matched Decals  Caponord Fenderxxx
Pyramid Plastics Fender Extender part   # 057173   Caponord fender.

Mass Moto Exhausts & "Y" pipes (Italy)

Mistral Exhaust &"Y" pipe (Italy)
Kappa Bf46k  TankLock Ring
Givi BF46  TankLock Ring
Bumot Luggage/Racks
Handlebar Bags by Wunderlich
MotoPocket By Adventure Pocket
Happy Loops luggage tie downs
Flat Hook Straps (Custom Lengths & perfect for Happy Hooks)
Secdem Windshields
Small "Dark" Screen (Italy)
GPS/Accessory Mount (eGlide too)
Laminar Lip OEM Touring Shield ONLY
Cal Sci
Shield Adjustment & Knobs
Bart Tubeless
"Dots" for spoke nipples Google Link
Tire Valves  Right Angle  &  Straightxxx
2021 Moto Guzzi OEM V85 TT Tubeless Rims Contact your dealer
2021 rims need a Cover (# 20) on rear hub to cover gap Part # 2b007323
Beeline Moto GPS
GPS Page
Motorcycle Safety Links
ECE (European Standard)
Snell Foundation  
Gearing Up Canada
General Motorcycle Links

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