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Since it's introduction as a "prototype" in the Fall of 2017,
I have followed the development of Moto Guzzi's newest
Motorcycle the V85 TT. Once the prototypes were done &
the new model officially unleashed to the world in the Fall of
2018, I knew I would own one & spent the next few months
eagerly anticipating the first owners taking delivery.

Deliveries started in the Spring of 2019 & all the reviews seemed
to be very positive. Maybe the "unicorn" bike I have been wanting
for almost 15 years had finally hit the marketplace. I have owned 3
other Adventure "styled" bikes over the years; the 2005 & 2007
Wee Stroms, served me well for 10 years & 90,000 km + of trouble
free km. They were followed by the little Honda CB 500X, which was
an "overachiever" IMNSHO. While they were great motorcycles to own
& ride, they lacked the one thing, I had wanted since I purchased my
first Adventure Styled Bike and that was Shaft Drive

In January of 2020, I placed an order for the 2020 V85 TT Travel
I will say that pictures of the bike, left me unimpressed with it's
colour, but seeing it in person & I was drooling.

Prototype Colours
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Police Edition
Off Road Concept
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2019/2020 V85 TT Colour Options
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2020 V85 TT Travel
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2021 V85 TT Colours
Giallo Mojave
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Nero Etna
Giallo Mojave
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100th Anniversary Edition
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